*If a year is paid in full, up front, you will receive 2 months extra for free.

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Other Membership Options

Membership TypePricing (per month)Pricing (per year)*Joining Fee
Senior (Individual)$43.50$522$50
Senior (Family)$71.50$858$50
Corporate (Individual)$42$504
Corporate (Family)

7 Day Free Trial


  Membership Type             Pricing             
Daily Fee$10
Holiday Visit (Week)$30
Holiday Visit (Month)$54
Students on Break$45/month (no joining fee)

Try us free for 7 days! (Residents of Lake Charles Only.) We are the only fitness business in town that will let you try before you buy a membership with us. No risk, no obligation, and no money up front. For an entire week you can come and meet our friendly staff, meet some future fellow members, take a few classes, lift some weights, and maybe even shed a few unwanted pounds. Then make up your mind. If we don't earn your business, then we don't deserve to have you as a member.